10 Gadgets with Wifi that you can’t miss on this Christmas

We are all starting to think of what we’d like to find under our Christmas Tree… We believe that this year we must give some gift to our homes, for having endured and sheltered us so much in this unusual 2020. We present you the best gadgets with Wifi to take care of your home, sweet home that will give a turn of 180 degrees to your day to day.

An essential aid for the most foodies in the house – Smart Food Scale Prep Pad

This scale/cutting board and its integrated App is capable of delighting the largest of eaters, making you give your diet the perfect balance of calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, in addition to being able to scan all foods and for the correct use of them.






No more being late – Nanoleaf: Sound Reactive Light Panels

Don’t know what to do to wake up in the morning anymore? This carpet/alarm clock only goes off once you’re standing on it, isn’t that a great idea? We don’t know what you’ll be able to do with the most tricky ones who go back to bed once they turn off this original alarm clock.






Christmas lights that you can control from an App

Can you imagine that the lights of the tree are ready and with your favorite colors when you get home? This App allows you to program your Christmas decoration to go at your own pace. It is also water-friendly, for those who want to decorate the garden.





The best invention in the world that you don’t know yet – Tile Pro

Are you one of those who leaves the keys in the same place or who spends a rather tense time before leaving home? Just whistle and this key ring will tell you where your keys have been hidden.





Light panels shine to your rhythm – Nanoleaf: Sound Reactive Light Panels

An audiovisual show in your living room. This light panel recognizes music and lights up to the rhythm of the music, isn’t that great?





The speaker that lifts you into the 3 dimension – Amazon Alexa Echo Studio

This speaker with Alexa technology offers “3D sound” of high quality and Dolby Atmos, besides choosing the power with which it projects the sound in each of its edges depending on where in the room you have placed the speaker, we have loved it.





The perfect lighting at a click – Philips Hue Lightbar

Don’t you think that the illumination of our homes should accompany the rhythm, mood or moment in which we find ourselves? This Philips light bar makes our dreams more luminous reality.





Get up while you’re being pampered – TPLink smart plugs

Would you like it if you woke up smelling like coffee, your favorite music played and the house lit up the way you like it? Bad wakes are a thing of the past with these intelligent plugs, you can link them to any appliance and program the operation and schedule of each one from your free App.



Give your TV a second life – Fire TV stick

Amazon gives you the option to turn your old TV into a smart TV with its Fire Stick. Installation is as simple as connecting to the TV’s HDMI and setting up the Wifi connection.

Once connected, your TV will have access to Prime Video, Nextflix, games and Social Networks.




Food ready when you get home – Crock Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

Select the cooking time, the exact time you want to finish preparing the food and cook it from anywhere with the app of this smart pot, isn’t it great?




And the last element so that in all these gadgets that will make your life easier will not give space to any failure.

In WifiAway we offer portable wifi at 4G/fiber speed without installation or permanence.

May good Wifi be with you.