JMAD (GLS): Our heroes without capes during the alarm state.

During these days we are speaking a lot heroes are talked about and we want to highlight ours: “JMAD” (GLS group) shipping and parcel service , which works around the clock and has not failed once in this season where each sector has had to face different difficulties.

They come every day to collect the orders from our users, the incidence rate is incredibly low for the situation we are experiencing, also thanks to its enormous flexibility and speed of action that they have.

We highlight that, when the state of alarm came, they even gave us the option of having stock in their offices in case that due to the situation we are experiencing at the moment, there was a moment where it would have been impossible for us to ship from our own offices.

They reacted positively and even quickly prepared to have everything necessary to be able to print the labels of our devices from their warehouses if the time came when we could not do it from our offices. Fortunately, we did not have to choose this option in the end, but it served as a great support in our logistics strategy.

This last season we have also had to pack more fragile material than usual and they are always prepared in their offices to pack them properly and send it to our clients afterwards.

We did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you an anecdote with which we realized that we were working with a service that is one step ahead, making a difference: one day and by mistake, we included a shipment from another parcel company among the JMAD packages. They took it away even though the label didn’t even belong to their company. They could not register the package as such, but the shipment arrived at the switchboard and someone took care (without even telling us and automatically) of labeling the package and making it reach our user. By the time we realized the error, the problem had already been fixed by JMAD.

We want to thank, highlight and congratulate all the JMAD staff, who serve us now like never before. Everything is help and facilities to keep WifiAway working and thereby keep our users more connected than ever in times as complex as this.

Without you it would not be possible.