Get the Full Madrid Experience with Citylife Madrid!

Whether you’re just in Madrid for a visit or moving to Madrid for an extended period, Citylife Madrid is the one company in town that will help you get the full Madrid experience! From welcoming you to the city and helping you learn everything you need to know, to giving you access to the best social, cultural and nightlife events and activities around. If you’re heading to Madrid, we recommend stopping by their office and becoming a member of the Citylife Community!

The company is operated by former expats and internationals who all know what it’s like to move abroad and get started in a new city. With this unique experience the team formed two major parts of the company: Getting Settled and Live & Enjoy!

Getting Settled

 Getting Settled in Madrid

What’s the hardest thing about moving abroad? Could it be finding an apartment, mastering the transport system or finding a decently priced cell phone plan? Citylife knows these things can be overwhelming, which is exactly why they offer their Getting Settled service. At Citylife’s office, anyone can receive help in finding a flat, getting their metro card, discounts around the city, a Spanish SIM card and even legal adivce for those who need to apply for Spanish identification cards… But it doesn’t stop there! Citylife also offers a comprehensive Madrid Essentials Guide – a PDF document filled with everthing you need to know about living in Madrid. From neigbhourhood info, advice on housing, emergency information and more!

Live & Enjoy

Live and Enjoy Madrid


This is where the fun begins! Live & Enjoy is about exactly what it says, living and enjoying Madrid and Spain! Citylife offers a carefully planned and jam packed agenda of events, activities and trips every month for the community to enjoy! From salsa nights, language exhanges, wine tastings & cooking classes to day trips and weekend trips through Spain, Portugal and even Morocco! This is where you meet the Friends and have experiences that will change your life forever!