How to move homes and not die in the process

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Half-packed boxes, things scattered throughout the house, nothing in the right place. Chaos! … Chaos everywhere! Moving means stress because it involves moving life from one place to another. To achieve this, you have to coordinate a lot of services and if your house is upside down, your head may be the same: without knowing where to start.

Who has been in this situation knows that although a change is good, there is a lot of pressure generated by moving with beds and a chest of drawers to another home. In WifiAway we know that the panorama is bleak (and you will surely have sighed just thinking about it). That’s why we leave you this post so you know we got your back in this moving process.

Organize the move in stages

Stage 1: Pack your things

When packing for the move, organize it according to the rooms of the house: living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Remember to have stickers or a fat marker by hand to write and identify what you’ve packed in each box.

You will need some things to pack. We leave a list for you to consider and get the necessary elements to prepare this first stage.

  • Boxes: you can buy them but if you have no repair you can check at cardboard containers or supermarket exits, looking for boxes (we believe it is a good way to save money and help the planet).
  • Packing tape.
  • Bubble wrap or newspapers: it will help you to wrap fragile things.
  • Stickers or a fat marker to identify what each box has.
  • Rope to pack books. You can also tight other things with it.

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A piece of good advice is to pack things from less to more. First the small decorative objects and in boxes sorted by rooms of the house. Save the biggest decoration for the end. You can lose sight of small objects and in the hurry and mess of a move, you may forget some or lose it at some point. So if you leave the biggest things for the end you can see them clearly and visually stimulate yourself in order to remember to take them. Achieving this with small things is more difficult, especially if you have in mind all the changes ahead.

At this point, it is preferable that you separate and leave on hand basic useful things like the mattress, a table and a few chairs, a suitcase of clothes and essentials and… the Wifi! They will be things that help you settle in the new house and reduce the stress of moving.

Stage 2: Prepare the move

Start by coordinating the day in which you will make the move with the transfer company (in this link you will find a list of companies with which you can make the house change). In most of them, you can request budgets through their web pages. You will need this information: address of origin and destination, specifications of the properties (how many floors if it is a building, has an elevator, parking options), the approximate number of boxes and the size and quantity of electrical household appliances and furniture that will have to move.

Also, pack a suitcase with the basics to live until you have the time enough to unpack. Includes clothes for a week, personal hygiene items, bedding, dishes and cutlery, your every-occasion pot and a pan for fried eggs (you can survive on rice with egg the first week after the move).

We leave you a list of basic survival things:

  • Toothbrush.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Shampoo and shower gel.
  • Bathroom towels.
  • Clothing for five days.
  • Shoes that match the clothes you have chosen.
  • Pijama.
  • Sheets and pillows.

Stage 3: Go to your new home

Exploit the benefits of technology: at this time you can coordinate almost everything through the Internet, but you must make sure to have Internet connection all the time. WifiAway takes care of giving you an excellent Wi-Fi connection and makes sure that the transition from one residence to another is as less overwhelming as possible.

mudanza-instalar internet-wifiaway 3New Internet installation at home

Nobody wants to move to a house where they can’t relax and do the daily basics. That is why it is essential that in your new home you have an Internet connection. The problem is that usually, you don’t know the specific day you will be able to move, and even you knew, it is difficult to coordinate with your Internet provider. You may request the change of address in advance so that it does not take long until they do the new installation, but this process is usually slower than we would like it to be, or we simply do not manage to fit the change on the exact day. Are you going to be bored in your new house in the meantime?

Do not worry! We are the solution so that you never run out of connection when you have moved out. Hire your WifiAway with some margin, for the week or two that you will be in transition. We do not have contracts or commitments and if you need it you can extend the rental of our service. You won’t have a connectivity gap at any time after the move!

If they take time to install the Internet in your new home, or they tell you that it is impossible, you can check our post about possible reasons why you might have problems getting fiber optic or xDSL in your house. Although most of the time tho get the service takes longer because operators have many requests waiting to be solved, there is a chance that it will be impossible to get a new Internet installation (absence of free pairs, clogged channeling, lack of coverage).

mudanza-instalar internet-wifiaway 4Home sweet home…

Now that your new home has your style and personality, celebrate that you have already freed yourself from the stress of moving. Celebrate with a Netflix night! Ask for snacks, dinner, and wine with your favorite delivery service App and relax! Leave the Wi-Fi connection in our hands.