How to save data using WifiAway with your iPhone

With WifiAway’s portable devices you get a lot of Gigas to use Internet anywhere you want in Spain. However, nothing is infinite and nor are the data allowances, so keep reading this article to get some tips on how to keep track of your data consumption and never run out of it.

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How can I avoid consuming too many Gigas when using Youtube with my WifiAway?

If you use YouTube to watch videos or just to listen to your favourite music, you may want to lower the quality at which the videos are played. In fact, the higher the quality, the more data is consumed.

To prevent this from happening have a look at the following illustrations!

Try with WifiAway’s Video now.


 Important tip: don’t leave the videos in auto mode when using WifiAway. Our devices generate a strong and fast connection, so Youtume downloads contents at their best quality.

Can I save data while watching Netflix?

Netflix can consume a high quantity of data too if you don’t lower the quality at which the videos are played. Remember to do so from your computer before using the app on your iPhone! 

Have a look at this post to know how to do it!

Can I stop automatic update of my Apps?

Yes! You can stop your iPhone from automatically updating your Apps in the background in few simple steps: go to Settings > Generals > Background App Refresh > Turn Off the badge.


How can I save data while using Social Networks?

How to save data on Facebook

You can save data and still enjoy your Facebook feed too! We recommend deactivating the video auto-play. Read this article and find out how!

How to save data on Instagram

Attention to this App! Instagram can consume up to 0,5Mb for each photo you see and 5Mb for each watched video. To prevent excessive data consumption, there are some little tricks like stopping the videos from autoplay. Have a look at this post to find out more about it. 

How to save data on Snapchat

Snapchat is known for consuming a high quantity of data, but you have the possibility to save some data with this app too.

Here are the steps: go to Settings > tap on Manage and select “Travel Mode”.

How can I save data on Spotify?

To save data on Spotify, you can lower the quality of the music played, which won’t prevent you from enjoying your favourite artists. Open the Settings > Music Quality > select the option “Normal”.

How can I save data when I’m using Google Maps?

Going on a trip but you concerned that the GPS will draw all your Gbs? We recommend downloading beforehand the maps of the city you are going to visit on your phone!



Downloading an Ad Blocker

If you have had enough of pop-up Ads and their data consumption, the best solution for you is to install AdBlock on your iPhone or iPad. This link explains how to do it!

Prevent iCloud from backing up photos and videos

 This option will be of great help to us not to have surprises with our data. Remember to also activate it back when you no longer have to worry about your data. They explain how to do it in this link.

Our last tips:

  • Don’t stream for a lot of time or download big Videos (ex. Torrent)
  • Remember that video chats on Skype or Facetime may consume up to 1gb per hour. You can still use them but be careful!
  • Avoid making programs backups or security copies (ex. Dropbox) when creating/downloading heavy files.
  • Sharing is caring, but avoid sharing carelessly your connection with friends who have not been connected for some time. When they connect, their applications will automatically start updating and consuming a lot of data.
  • Using streaming devices such as Apple Play or ChromeCast can consume a lot of data too: watch out!
  • Letting your teenager cousin connect to your WifiAway is definitely a bad idea: we still don’t understand what they do, but they always finish all the data!