Important Factors for a Perfect Shooting

We have compiled the most important actors for a perfect shoot, and we want to tell you about them:

1. Organize your shoot chronologically

First, put all the scenes from the shoot in the chronological order of the script. This chronology not only provides a good overview of the result, but also provides enormous support to the technical and creative team and helps to return to the forgotten narrative point after any unforeseen event -if there is something that we know that hooks this profession this feeling that everything can vary from one moment to another, since you are developing a work in many unpredictable aspects (production factors, budget readjustments, inclement weather in exterior shootings …)



2. Locations

Identifying and planning all the locations of our shooting in advance and maintaining the chronology of the scenes within the agreed blocks is a key piece of the final result of any shoot.
Actions such as placing all the scenes that are shot in the same place together in a block will save us efforts in technical and economic investment. Location changes always take a long time and are associated with a significant risk for meeting different filming schedules.


3. Resources management

Again, care must be taken to proceed as profitably as possible, making sure to skillfully combine resources. Depending on the size of the shoot in these locations, this can be quite tricky.

In the pre-production phases, before finalizing the shot list, it is important to have everything planned separately, such as the lighting plan, what day each actor has to come, the costumes … Once you have the shot list, you should know the actors, the props, the lights, the equipment, etc.
In the event of scheduling or unforeseen issues, having a shot list will help your production run more smoothly.



4. Good Wifi connection

At WifiAway we understand the difficulties involved in keeping all the equipment and factors of a shoot connected and therefore we provide a secure, fast and wireless Wi-Fi connection. We develop reliable solutions in the toughest environments so you can focus on the rest of your production.