We are hiring!

We are hiring an Intern/Becario! 🤓

We are looking for a fluent English and Spanish speaker, who would like to help our operations and sales departments in our offices in Alonso Martinez. He/she will help the company run smoothly on its daily operations, processing orders and shipments, receiving and processing devices, searching information about potential clients. He/she will also be able to take part and work/learn in whatever areas he/she feels more interested towards (e.g. social media, digital marketing, sales, programming, etc).

The internship should start in end of August or early September, and stay for at least until December, ideally longer. If the intern wishes to stay longer with us, after a 6 months period there are some options he/she may be able to stay at the company, although this is not guaranteed (it will depend on your performance and skills but also the companies needs).

We are a young Spanish startup that offers Internet per days/weeks/months, helping companies and individuals, specially foreigners, to get connected easy and fast. (See wifiaway.es)

We are looking for someone:

  • Positive, fun to work with 😀
  • Proactive, dynamic 🚀
  • Happy to help other team members in all tasks 👩‍🔧
  • Able to start end of August/early September, part or full time, and stay for at least until December, ideally longer.
  • Salary will be around 250/500€ for part/full time internship.
  • The contract will last 2-9 months with a possibility to extend/upgrade the position once finished (not guaranteed).

He/she will gradually take on other responsibilities depending of their field of studies and competencies, that may include new business lines development, graphic design, web design/programming, social media management, marketing (mention these in your email if you are skilled).

He/she will also help launching a new project/startup aimed at helping students and corporations collaborate in real projects.


Is that you? Send your CV or link to Linkedin profile to rrhh@wifiaway.es with the subject “I want to work for WifiAway”. 📧

Attached some photos of the team and workplace 😊

Poke Day!





Our Robots (we are a technology company, we need robots).


Wifo, our pet, observing operations.