What are the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking?

2020: The year of teleworking

This article is a collaboration of Paula Agrassot through Jóvenes Proyectos, the platform for collaboration between students and companies.

Have you thought of how habits have changed in the workplace and in the lives of workers since this year our days have gotten almost fully digitalized?

This 2020, working remotely has taken hold of our lives due to the COVID19 pandemic, which has forced companies to reinvent themselves and save their workers’ jobs in the safest possible way.

In recent years, only 5% of workers in Spain carried out this modality which, according to studies by Randstad and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research, has tripled to 16.4% after the pandemic and increased to 34% during the months of home confinement.  But what is it and what are the advantages of working remotely?

What is remote work?

Working remotely is that work activity that is carried out from a different place than the office or workplace, using new information and communication technologies to carry out the different tasks that are entrusted to the worker.

The advantages of working remotely.

Flexibility: as the main benefit. Working remotely allows the worker to be more autonomous and independent in organizing their day, so that the personal and family reconciliation is much more favorable. In addition, it can be from any place with an internet connection: a second home, a holiday destination, a coffee shop, etc. Thanks to systems such as WifiAway Safe and Fast Internet connection is not a problem.
Productivity: the performance of workers increases by 13% according to a study by Nicholas Bloom, professor of economics at Stanford University. This is due to fewer distractions and fewer breaks during the day.
Savings: for both the company and the worker. In the case of the company, it is going to notably reduce its expenses coming from the infrastructures up to 30%. On the other hand, the worker will save time and money by avoiding the corresponding transfers to the workplace, because, according to a study by CaixaBank, in Spain an average of 57 minutes a day are lost in transit to the office. This is approximately equivalent to 8 euros a day.
Ending rural depopulation: many workers with the arrival of lockdown and, consequently, remote work, have moved to the villages to better cope with this health crisis and be more connected to nature.

The difficulties of remote work.

Despite enjoying multiple advantages with this type of work, we can also find new difficulties to which we must adapt.

Communication between workers and team coordination becomes more complex due to the dependence of the worker on online communication platforms, which despite being very effective, slow down the communication process compared to the usual “face to face”. In addition, virtuality has brought as a consequence a feeling of isolation due to the lack of physical contact, which can trigger in situations of insecurity besides distancing the worker from the company, making him feel outside of it.

Finally, the Internet connection: Although today it is increasingly indispensable and is beginning to be everywhere, it does not always offer a favorable quality to carry out an efficient working day. As for example: the case of the rural residences, which are usually places with certain difficulties to access to Internet, that still do not have installed optical fiber in the locality or, in their defect, they do not have contracted a service of Internet of permanent form.

The ideal Internet connection to work from anywhere: WifiAway

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