WiFi at events: What alternatives are there?

Having WiFi anywhere when needed is one of the main concerns of many companies that are constantly organizing events or attending trade fairs of the sector. At WifiAway we know by our customers which are the most commonly used solutions:

  • Open or mass-access WiFi networks: In hotels and other enclosed spaces, Wi-Fi networks are usually open to the public or customers who request it. The problem is often that they offer a “battlefield” solution: Does it work? More or less. Depending on the number of people connected and what they are doing, the network can run perfectly or can be lagging at the most critical time. If we really want to be able to navigate well, or to give our speakers the possibility of including video streaming, we cannot simply spin the wheel.
  • Dedicated line installation: Facing this situation, many event organizers request a dedicated line installation, normally of fiber. It is a reliable option, but with very evident drawbacks: Installation and Price. Lines need a complex installation, prepared in enough advance, and to pass cables from side to side, etc …; and that costs money: from € 2,000 onwards we will have to pay at best.
  • Networks Wifi of payment: This is the best known solution in fairgrounds, but also in some hotels. What is surprising here is the price. For example, enjoy WiFi connection in IFEMA amounts to 54 Euros for a single day, and a single user. A figure that increases significantly as the number of users and the days increase. In the case they are 10 users, and for a multi-day event, the service costs a whopping 810 euros.
  • Portable Wifi: With a portable Wifi device (or Mifi, as it is usually named), you can connect with one or more computers from anywhere through the mobile network as you do with your smartphone. WifiAway offers you one of these devices, to which you can connect up to 10 users, from €35.

Due to our Wifi experience in all kinds of events and congresses, we believe that WifiAway offers the best available service, as it gives the possibility of enjoying a completely reliable 4G connection, from anywhere and for really cheap rates.

With this connection, you can take your own event to the next level. These details can make the difference:

  • Your team can arrange the final details of the event in situ with a quality connection, and without fear of running out of the Internet.
  • Speakers can introduce interactive elements into their presentations, using the Internet both to display pictures and videos and to surf the net when needed. In this way, the conferences and presentations are enriched and the message is made much more effective in the people who are present.
  • Performance of streaming video with a dedicated, reliable and high-speed connection, without fearing the saturation of the network and letting the emission, reach the required level.
  • Provide Internet for attendees, who can help us expand and viralize the message.

On this last point, WifiAway organizes networks with multiple access points, which allow large numbers of users to connect together at the same time. For them it looks like a single network. This multipoint system limits the possibility of one or several users to saturate the entire network when they connect.

But in addition, WifiAway is not only a more comfortable service, which offers major advantages than the current systems of other companies in the market, but it is cheaper too.

Wifi 4G para tu Evento