WifiAway launches its Partners Program. You can be a Portable Wi-Fi provider too!

At WifiAway we believe that Wi-Fi, wherever you are, should be quick and easy to access. That’s why  we think that anyone should be able to book and receive WifiAway in all their favorite places.

WifiAway provides a connected router fast and easy, wherever our clients need it. Whether you own a business that deals with tourists or expats, a technology or communications company, or any other kind of shop or business, you can now help us arrive to our customers, all over Spain.

What kind of businesses can distribute WifiAway?

Any business can distribute WifiAway, but we believe that the following businesses are the most suitable:

Companies in the tourism and travel sector, such as holiday apartment agents, guided tours and other tourist-related services providers. Visiting tourists, that may need Internet in your apartment, or during their excursions to villages near by (from Madrid to Toledo), or (Barcelona Gerona or Cadaques)
Companies that install or provide Internet connections, or companies related to technology, or telecommunications. Most people that want to get connected want it urgently. However, the installation, or restoration of service can take days or even weeks. While your client is waiting, WifiAway can offer interim connectivity so that they can wait more relaxed.
Companies helping expats and other foreigners with their arrival to Spain, such as relocation companies. We help foreigners in their first few weeks or months in Spain, by providing an Internet connection without waiting and without any complications. With WifiAway your customers don’t need a bank account or NIE, they will be able to get online within one working day.


What advantages does distributing WifiAway offer?

Distributing WifiAway has several advantages:

You will get a commission and/or a discount for every new customer that signs up.

Ensure store traffic and sales tracking: When a user places an order for WifiAway, they will be able to pick up the device from you the next business day. It is a great opportunity to really close a deal that has been started the day before, or cross and upsell other products.

Improve the satisfaction of your customers. Our service helps in a variety of situations.

  • A connected tourist will have more patience when it comes down to waiting and making transfers
  • A customer waiting for installation or repair of their Internet connection will not be impatiently waiting when he or she has a substitute device. And will let the provider do his job in the time needed
  • Expats, and all other newcomers will have an easier take off in Spain when they are connected from day one
  • Renting an apartment will be a lot easier with a temporary and contractless Wi-Fi device

What do you need to do in order to provide WifiAway to your customers?

1) Complete our form at the bottom of this page

2) We create a customized web address

3) You spread the web address to your customers

  • We will send you some printed material that you can put on display in your business
  • You should also post the web address on your own web site


4) When your customers place an order:

  • You will receive their WifiAway package at your address, and the customers can go and pick it up on the date selected by them.
  • You will then receive a commission, which you can collect or use as a discount.

When filling out the form below, you will receive further details about the process.

Fill this form and begin distributing Portable Wifi

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