Portable Wifi in Spain
without contracts or commitments

I Need Wifi:


For the dates you have selected, please choose the plan that best suits your needs

35 €

10 days

10 days or less

For short periods, events, ocasional use. You will have 15Gb of data during those 10 days, and when you run out the device will stop


From: 29-May-2017

To: 07-Jun-2017

Days: 10

Price: 35 €

Data: 15 Gb

45 €

one month

Full Calendar Month

You will enjoy 20Gb of data, and when you run out the device will stop. Calendar months only: full January, full February...


From: 01-May-2017

To: 31-May-2017

Days: 31

Price: 45 €

Data: 20 Gb

1.50 €

per day

More than a Month

From a given date until the end of the next month. In the first month you will have as many Gb of data as days you book (max 20Gb) and 20Gb in the second month.


From: 29-May-2017

To: 30-Jun-2017

Days: 33

Price: 49.50 €

Data: 3Gb in May +
20Gb in Jun

39 €

per month


When your subscription finishes at the end of the month, you can renew for either:
1 month - 39€
2 months - 73€
3 months - 105€


You would like to book from today until the end of September.

You will book first May and June through the previous option "MORE THAN A MONTH", and at the end of June, you will renew for July, August y September for 105€, or a month at a time for 39€

Your best option

Portable - Fast - Easy

Internet without waiting: Receive it the next day anywhere in Peninsular Spain, or the same day in Madrid center, if ordered in the morning.

Internet without contracts or commitments: Renew month by month or every three months. We don't want to tie you up

Internet without installation: Switch it on, and connect to its Wifi network. Simple and easy.

Without bureaucracy: Pay with an international credit card. No NIE/residence required

Use it wherever you go: At home, the office, the beach, the car... bring it with you in your pocket.

Wifi Away

Portable Wifi

Connect as at home, without installation

Wifi Away

10 Devices

Connect up to 10 computers, tablets or smartphones

Wifi Away

20 Gb of data

Up to 20 Gb of data at full speed (that is a lot of data)

Wifi Away

4G+ Speed

Speed similar to fiber optic

How it Works

Simple and Fast
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If WifiAway doesn’t work as you expected, let us know in your first three days, and we will give you your money back (we think you will actually love it and keep it for months)


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