Everybody hates the USB stick

On vacations we want to disconnect, and neither touch the computer nor view a report, but occasionally there is no other choice but to work an hour or two. And the arises: How do I connect to send that couple of e-mails? Also on business trips, between meetings, we need to connect to take advantage[…]

wifi portatil vacaciones

Holidays with Internet

Summer is getting closer and, with it, the long-awaited vacations into different places of Spain. There are those who go to the beach to Valencia, Malaga, Cádiz, Baleares … or those who prefer the mountain or the inland. Wherever we go, one of the most difficult things to give up, nowadays, is our precious Internet[…]

WifiAway joins the race to Automation: We’ve got Robots!

  Today we’ ve introduced robots to operate our Wifi devices and we have interesting thoughts/dilemmas to share. It’s been incredible to see them treat the devices, and the evolution in some kind of test and error procedure based on Artificial Intelligence to improve their operations. In a very short time they interacted with each[…]

How to save data up with Windows

In WifiAway, as you know, we offer Portable Wifi with large amounts of data. For most uses, the data we offer is more than enough, but if you still think that you can be a bit short, or you think you can watch a lot of video from your connection, here are some tips on[…]

How to save data using WifiAway with your iPhone

With WifiAway’s portable devices you get a lot of Gigas to use Internet anywhere you want in Spain. However, nothing is infinite and nor are the data allowances, so keep reading this article to get some tips on how to keep track of your data consumption and never run out of it. Tech you can[…]

The Mobile World Congress conquers Barcelona

The MWC has just finished in Barcelona and it’s time to sum up the most exciting innovation that have been presented this year.  “What’s the MWC?” You may ask. MWC stands for Mobile World Congress, an annual event in which the most important Android mobile manufacturers of the world converge to show off their new[…]

Using WifiAway and saving data on Mac OS

At WifiAway we offer access to tons of data with our devices, but if you intend to make a very heavy usage of Internet, or watch many online videos, you should keep an eye on your data consumption. Here are some tips that can help you with that.  How can I monitor my Wi-Fi connection?[…]