WifiAway obtains a rating of “Excellent” on the part of its customers

WifiAway is a service that allows you to have portable Internet from anywhere without the need of installing, signing contracts or time commitments. Customers can use it for as long as needed, and can connect to a 4G speed from home, office, the car or while on vacation. They are able to connect up to 10 different devices to the device, including computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Today, it is rare to find users massively satisfied with their internet service providers. In fact, in comparisons by sector, Internet Access comes at the back in terms of satisfaction, measured by their Net Promoter Score.

In Spain, there are no industry-wide comparison tests, but according to American benchmarks, the sector of Internet providers reaches an average NPS of 2, whereas the leading sector is that of the department stores, with 58.

WifiAway, in its first satisfaction survey,  has reached an NPS of 65, well over its peers in the US (2 for Internet providers, 30 for mobile telephony). Generally, it is considered an excellent service over 50.

It should be noted that a 75% answered with a 9 or 10 (of 10) to the question of how likely it is to recommend the service to their friends and family, and only 10% responded below 6.

When asked to assess various aspects of the service, the most positive comments were about the ease of use, quality of the connection, ease of the booking and payment process and kindness in the attention to the client.


“We are very pleased with the results – it is the consequence of daily hard work, providing a critical service to demanding clients. You need a great team and lots of efforts to achive these kind of successes, and we will continue pushing to redefine the concept of customer service in our industry” said Miguel Moral Salarich, General Manager at WifiAway.

About the Net Promoter Score: The NPS is calculated using a single question “How likely are you to recommend the product or service to a relative or friend?” the customer must grade on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is “very unlikely” and 10 is “Definitely I would recommend it”. According to the results, customers are classified into three groups: promoters (a score of 9 or 10), detractors (a score of 6 or lower), and pasives (a score of 7 or 8). The NPS will be the result of subtracting the total percentage of detractors from the total percentage of promoters, with what the NPS can range between 100 and -100. Anything above 50 is usually considered Excellent.