Everybody hates the USB stick

On vacations we want to disconnect, and neither touch the computer nor view a report, but occasionally there is no other choice but to work an hour or two. And the arises: How do I connect to send that couple of e-mails?

Also on business trips, between meetings, we need to connect to take advantage of the time or put everything up to date. Many return to the hotel, or desperately seek the Wifi of a bar to connect to, but often with poor connections and lack of security.

Slow wifi
Many of these users turn to the Internet USB sticks offered by telco operators. But let’s be clear: everyone hates the Internet USB sticks. Installation problems, slowness, and lack of coverage lead many users to despair. Anyone who has used them remembers the moment when he/she had full coverage on the mobile, yet the USB stick didn’t work at all.

The problem increases if we need to use it for long periods of time, or with files of a certain size. Most of the flat rates offered by telephone companies are not really like that. And once the data limit has been exceeded, either the speed drops significantly or the data consumed is charged as additional expense.

If we also need to have several devices and computers connected, the option is only to have several USB sticks what means that our fare continues to increase. It is true that we can use the mobile connection to navigate from the computer, but the generous donor of wifi, who happily says “I fix it with my phone” usually runs out of battery soon enough, or out of data for the rest of the month – especially if it is lent to a teenager.

On WifiAway, of course, we also hate the USB stick, and we have an alternative: the MiFis are small portable routers with a fast and quality Internet connection. Thanks to them, it is possible to enjoy a broadband connection as if you were at home. Without long waits to have it ready, without unnecessary paperwork, without the need of a NIE or other papers, and without signing contracts or commitments. In fact, you can book it from 10 days to several months, renewing when you need it, so you don’t have to be tied to the company when you no longer need our services.

In addition, it is very simple to use, and doesn’t require installation. The Wifi router generates a network so you can connect whenever and wherever you want, offering a connection of up to 20 GB and a speed similar to the optical fiber, through a 4G connection (or 3G when 4G is not available). This is an excellent choice for those companies whose employees or executives travel frequently throughout the national territory, but also for companies that hold events from time to time and do not want to encounter Internet problems in the site where they are carried out.

WifiAway better than USB stick