WifiAway joins the race to Automation: We’ve got Robots!


Today we’ ve introduced robots to operate our Wifi devices and we have interesting thoughts/dilemmas to share.

It’s been incredible to see them treat the devices, and the evolution in some kind of test and error procedure based on Artificial Intelligence to improve their operations. In a very short time they interacted with each other faster than our team.

Analogies with humans are also curious. There are some of them that seem to interact at the same level. Other two, a bigger and a smaller one, seem to have a certain leadership. With team members with a background in Psychology and Telecommunications, it gives us some satisfaction to see how the two areas may converge one day.

We also face dilemmas: how can this affect the staff in the long-term. Obviously a company has to ensure profitability, but it can be devastating the day when there is almost no work for people who has been with us almost from the beginning.

We hope to continue growing in functional areas and aspects that are still far from automation, To occupy the free time left by the robots in tasks with more added value… Without getting ahead of all this, it’s been a great step for WifiAway and we’ll remember this historic day. We are attaching a picture of the robots in full operation (Happy Fool’s Day, December 28th in Spain, we’ve come a little ahead).

Robots de hojalata WifiAway con dispositivo wifi