It’s Christmas, and the Internet is flowing thanks to WifiAway

Grandma has got the advent calendar out; the star is at the top of the tree and you’ve almost decided what to eat on Christmas eve. The lights give it away, it’s Christmas and December will be chock full of meetings and reunions, so let’s use this time to forget all the resentment accumulated over the year and focusing on showing our unconditional love towards each other.

Peace, love, nougat and Christmas carols. The family reunion, the amazing roast, the night is perfect but, we’re in the 21st century and it’s time to realize that Wifi does more than nougat for Christmas evenings, and makes important steps towards taking music rights away from the brother-in-law, the Spotify playlist is a lifesaver.

At WifiAway we’re always thinking about our customers and these holidays are full of surprises… This Christmas we want you to be more connected than ever, giving you a chance to shorten distances between your family and friends with a good WiFi connection. Which is why, this Christmas, we’re holding a competition to win your very own portable wifi pack, so you’ll be able to stay connected anywhere from your grandma’s town to a ski slope.

For your chance to win:

1. Follow us on our social media (each follow counts as an entry).

2. Choose one of these two options (or both for two entries).

  • Record a video explaining why WiFi is essential for you this Xhristmas, maybe you.
    need it to keep the peace between your in-laws, etc.
  • Put the power of Wi-Fi to the test. Unplug your internet router and film the reaction your kids, parents, family or friends have when all of their devices stop working. Tag us and two friends with the hashtag #necesitoWifiAway to participate.

We’ll be watching each and every one of your tweets/posts and choosing the winner on the 21st of December. The person with the most extreme, fun or creative video will win a subscription for one of our portable WiFi devices from the 24th of December to the 8th of January.

Good luck and… May the WiFi be with you!

Additional details about the contest::

  • On the 21st of December we will create a ballot with all of the tweets and posts we receive.The tweets we value the most will have three entries instead of one in the prize draw.
  • The tweets and posts with the most engagement (likes, retweets, etc…) will also get three entries instead of one in the draw.
  • The same user may participate twice in the contest, once in each of the categories.
  • The tweets / posts that the WifiAway team deem as repeats or fraudulent will not be allowed to participate in the contest. This includes, fake accounts, repeated/automatically posted tweets, or accounts with no realistic history.