Problems installing fiber optic or xDSL at home? WifiAway can help

The problem: free pairs, clogged channeling, lack of coverage…

Surely the operator has given you some of these reasons with the installation of the Internet at home.


You have recently moved and hiring the Internet service has a high priority. It is not enough to hire the service because what determines the connection option is the possibility of doing the installation: which cannot always be done due to a variety of problems. However, the most common ones and that burn the patience of those who have requested the service are the problems we tell you below.


Free pairs:

It is the capability of the installation made by the operator to provide the service. Each RITI box (which is the container of the terminals that will supply the service to a building, community or dwelling) has a number of terminals. When there are no free pairs, it means that the container has run out of space for new installations or cables. Usually, the solution to this is to wait for a user to unsubscribe from the service so that a new space is opened and another installation can be done. This is a matter of luck and patience, although an Internet connection is usually a priority and having to wait for a free pair can scabble your tolerance.

The address has no network:

It is similar to what happens with the free pairs, but it affects a wider area because there are no RITI boxes (mentioned above) that distribute the signal. It is possible that a community, building or urbanization (to name a few examples), not having this installation, cannot access a fiber optic connection since the operator has no more space to supply connections. It is usually solved with the installation of the boxes and depends on both: the community and the operator, so the responsibility is joint. In any case, the solution requires an installation, procedures, and requests that can also take time.


Clogged pipe:

This means that the installation by the operator is done and they have passed the cable to offer the connection; however, the installation is cut or obstructed for some reason (usually they are nearby, wired post-installation constructions, among others). The solution usually has to be provided by the owner or administrator of the space, since in principle the operator has been in charge of providing the facilities for the installation of optical fiber. A request can be made for the operator to solve the problem, but it takes time and they usually charge for this service. Another option is to hire a company that is responsible for removing the obstructions and channeling the cable again. However, the problem again is the time they can take.

There is no fiber optic coverage:

Something similar that the operator says is: “there is no pole“. Although the lack of fiber optic coverage is an increasingly less common reason (because operators already have extensive coverage in the territory), there are places where the installation has not been done yet, in order to provide the Internet connection service. It is said that it is similar to saying “there is no pole” because it means that there is no infrastructure to provide connection to an area or that there is not enough extension of cable to hook the connection. The solution is for operators to expand their infrastructure and although it is a job they do permanently, there are areas where infrastructure facilities are not yet scheduled.


OCRA pending:

Permits that operators request to make the appropriate facilities to provide the service. Sometimes they have to go through private spaces, public institutions or other sites. To do so, they must request authorization, both to run the cables and to do the installation itself. When this is not done there is no way for the operator to offer the Internet connection service. Until the permits are granted, there is no way that the building, construction or community can access the Internet connection.

These reasons that we have mentioned are the most frequent ones for which the operators may not give you the Internet connection service. In some cases the solutions are slow and desperate, they can take from a few days to several months to solve the problem, sometimes with patches that fail again after a while. Waiting until operators react can be a test of patience.

The solution


WifiAway. We are the solution to your connection problems if you have not been able to install fiber optic or DSL at home. We offer immediate connection in Spain without installation, without contracts and without commitments. We use wireless routers that generate their own Wi-Fi network and have 4G speed. Being aware that the Internet is essential, you can count on us the day after you request the service and enjoy an Internet connection instantly.
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